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YUKINOHADA genuine beauty product

Ingredients of Yukinohada are bird’s nest, collagen and Royal jelly etc. , with our technology it enable to enhance systemic absorption. Bird’s nest is well know as a very rare goods and expensive, Yukinohada contains high volume of bird’s nest per bottle. We carefully choose only the highest grade bird’s nest and the production process. We stand by our quality.


About 8.44g (wet base) of bird’s nest is contained in one bottle (30ml). This high volume is the world first.

Why “Yukinohada”? All-or-nothing approach for obtaining the best performance in “material”, “production process” and “distribution”. All of our production process is performed in Japanese factory under strict control by Japanese Management.

Bird’s nestFish collagenRoyal jellyAgave syrup

Quality Control

High-standard Quality Control As the result of continuous research, we found 100% natural bird’s nest for “Yukinohada” without any chemical reproduction. We import the sheer natural bird’s nest directly from local bird’s nest supplier. Only high quality bird’s nest is used for Yukinohada thus we stand by our quality.


Pursuing for Intact Natural Ingredient

Yukinohada is the result of operational synergy by import professional. Joy of Life (Japan) Co., Ltd. is a wholesale dealer of import bird’s nest, also a product developer of Yukinohada. This operational synergy enable us to produce the world first bird’s nest drink made from high quality bird’s nest with its high content. We guarantee quality of bird’s nest and high quality production processes.

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Yukinohada Several bird’s nest drinks can be found, but those are usually made from low quality bird’s nest and its content volume of bird’s nest is very low so they don’t show the content in label. Yukinohada is genuine bird’s nest drink with high content of bird’s nest, therefore we can call it “The best beauty drink in the world”. You can check more details about bird nest for following web site:

Makeup artist

I knew about bird’s nest, but did not know about such a drink. After I leant the contents were guaranteed, I decided to purchase because I believe it was safe. I found difference in hair and skin after taking it one week. I think this is the best product I’ve ever tried. Because it is naturally improved from inside.


Since I start taking this drink, my skin condition has been improved and my friends realized it and asked me what made you different. I have a lot of opportunity to try many beauty products, and guarantee this is something else. I introduced this drink some of my clients, too. They felt improvement so they kept taking Yukinohada.


Bird’s nest is well known for Chinese medicine, but it is very difficult to get because its rareness. The product developer is very knowledgeable about bird’s nest and he has direct contact with bird’s nest supplier. I was convinced by the result and tried to take Yukinohada for 2 weeks. Because of the change, I really like this drink and purchased it every month. Nowadays, there are so many health products in Japan, so consumers need to have sorting capability to choose what is really good for them. With fine material and modern technology, Yukinohada is genuine drink with promising approach to an effective change.