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YUKINOHADA for beautifl skin

Genuine beauty is obtained only from inside of our body. "Beautiful skin" is highly attributed to our foods. Yukinohada is an ultimate beauty drink contains bird's nest as main ingredient that would normally found only in upmarket products. Bird's nest is historically regarded effective for beautiful skin. Bird's nest is very rare material therefore our production volume is limited, however our customers are very satisfied with Yukinohada, most of all of them are repeated customers. Bird's nest is also effective for recovery from fatigue, improve respiratory apparatus function and recovery of injury or crack. It is effective for entire health that is used for treatment of Chinese medicine As a result of direct deal with a reliable bird's nest dealer, we use high volume of bird's nest in one bottle which is the world first. Please start taking one bottle per day. We stand by our quality.

About bird's nest.
Bird's nest is rare foods which has been regularly taken by man-and-woman for many years as sacred medicine of perpetual youth and longevity in China or Hong Kong by an emperor or wealthy. Among effectiveness, it is well known that bird's nest promote skin cell regeneration. There is a famous legend that Lady Yang used to have bird's nest everyday. Nowadays, those who value optimal health and beauty enjoy the benefit of taking bird's nest daily. Our concept is a beauty from inside out. We pursue the genuine beauty from foods, not like ordinarily cosmetics or beauty goods from outside. Bird nest is one of the most rare and expensive material among the existing material for beauty. Most of all the TV stars in Hong Kong or China take bird's nest. Its effectiveness is highly assured by repeated customers. We stand by our quality.

Here is the photo of bird's nest.
Very beautiful color and shape among any natural food. One piece of bird's nest is about 3~7g, half moon shaped and 2~3 mm thickness. When you eat, you need to steam it about 30 minutes or one hour and usually put some crystal sugar before take it. Many of celebrities who value optimal health and beauty enjoy the benefit of taking bird's nest daily or at least 2 or 3 times a week. There are many bird's nest shops in Hong Kong or China, those who have high interest in health and beauty like TV stars frequently visit bird's nest shops. Our technology made success in extraction of bird's nest ingredients. Yukinohada contains the extraction of all ingredients thus it will help to enhance nutrient absorption ability.

About Sialic Acid

Bird's nest contains extremely high volume of sialic acid sugar chain among any natural product. Sialic acid sugar chain is existed in surface of our skin which regulates the biological functions of sugar protein, Glycolipid and MPS complex. The potential physiological effect in cells is related to sialic acid sugar chain, thus it is very important for activation of cell.

Mucin-type glycoprotein―Protection of surface of cell

Mucin-type glycoprotein Major ingredient of bird's nest is solid Mucin-type glycoprotein. The effects of Mucin-type glycoprotein are protection of surface of cells, protection of mucosal surface of the gastrointestinal tract against digestive enzyme, and prevention against germs and virus. Etc. Based on the effects, taking bird's nest daily enhance our optimal health and beauty.

Growth factor of surface skin in bird's nest

It is said that growth factor of surface skin in bird's nest can enhance the activation for DNA synthesis. Various research papers said Growth factor of surface skin stimulates cell proliferation for surface skin and epithelium, also enhance the ability to take in amino acid into cells.

Usage of bird's nest

Bird's nest was also used for Chinese herbal medicine. It contains nutritional elements that are effective in relieving fatigue, nutritional support for fever, recovery from diarrhea or chronic coughing etc. Bird's nest has been taken not only for beauty but also for supporting optimal health. Recent analysis shows that cytoprotection of bird's nest, especially the bird's nest mucoid, is effective for anti-influenza activity. Sialic Acid Sugar Chain in bird's nest is used for Relenza, antiviral drug. Bird's nest still exist as mysterious natural food. Precise function of each molecule in bird nest is not clearly analyzed, and its compound effect is still not categorized yet. However, actual effectiveness of bird's nest has been prevailing among beauty and health sectors. Our products are taken by repeated customers because of actual proof. Bird's nest is a real gift from God for us.

Our technology made success in extraction of birdís nest ingredients.

Our technology made success in extraction of bird's nest ingredients. Yukinohada contains extraction of the ingredients thus it will enhance nutrient absorption ability “Vio availability” into our body. Many people who are interest in total beauty, especially for skin condition, take Yukinohada.
They found following effectiveness;
・Improve skin condition
・Improve hair and nails condition
・Recovery from fatigue
Yukinohada work wonder for your beauty and health based on effectiveness of natural bird's nest ingredient. If you are interested in improving your condition of skin and total health, we highly recommend to try from one bottle.